Why Storm?

In times of dynamism and change, one must be adaptable and flexible. It is the same during a storm: if you do not know where to find shelter, dryness and harmlessness are impossible. Because the storm is a natural element that sweeps away and is not interested in space.
She is there, somewhere beyond control. That's why we chose Storm, because the strength lies in the loss of control. We are inspired by nature and its power.

Every woman carries a part of this power in herself, and we will help you show it to the world.

What are we aiming for?

When creating the bags, we focused not only on design, but also on comfort. A woman's life is in her handbag.
We aim to satisfy the diverse preferences of our customers and provide them with a modern and inspiring product.

Let your bag give you confidence, mood and make your life colorful!

How do we want to achieve it?

With our designer bags we express a personal attitude to each of you.
We create our products with great attention to every detail, combining identity and creativity.


The main person behind the Storm brand is the designer Sara Yoncheva.

Attracted by design and creativity since her childhood, she graduated with honors from the National Academy of Arts and then finally found her vocation in the face of fashion. Gaining experience, she develops her skills in the field of graphic, interior, spatial and fashion design.

For several years in a row, working in various fields of design, Sara Yoncheva began to paint by hand on cotton bags, and this grew into a desire to develop their own designer products. Supported by family and friends, Storm became a reality in 2020. It is a great privilege for her to have a family business that works in the field of advertising design - Effect Advertising Ltd., which has given her a strong start in her own business.

Sarah Yoncheva's goal is to expand the range of Storm without losing her identity and to reach people from all over the world.


Quality for us is a leading factor, which we achieve with a very precise selection of materials and accessories, as well as the team of professionals who invest their skills, sense and attention.

We make our bags, going through several stages. We start with the creation of a conceptual design, followed by a precisely developed design. We consider every detail carefully.


We choose only proven quality materials and accessories without compromising. We supply from manufacturers of high quality leather from Italy and manufacturers of fittings and accessories from Europe. For the production we rely on one of the leading factories in the world, located in Bulgaria, working for some of the most famous brands. We have fully trusted their many years of experience and professionalism.

We responsibly monitor the entire production process, check the quality of each product before it reaches your hands. You will receive a bag, packed securely and elegantly.

The choice of certified leather

High quality Italian leather with production since 1957

The choice of natural materials

Longevity, durability and identity of materials.

The choice of recyclable packaging

The use of environmentally responsible paper packaging.

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