Black bag: for the elegant woman

Women who choose black as their favorite color are sophisticated and their main goal is to look elegant. Black also radiates luxury, power and steadfastness. Women wearing black are serious, careful with the details of their lives and do not share easily with others. They are firmly on the ground.

Blue bag: for a balanced woman

If blue is a woman's favorite color, then she loves harmony and is reliable, sensitive. He always makes an effort to think about others. She likes to keep things clean and tidy, and to feel that stability is the most important aspect of her life. With all these qualities, she inspires respect for others.

Purple bag: for the mysterious woman

The purple color belongs to the artistic and mysterious women. By choosing a purple bag, they stand out with their uniqueness. They show great respect for the world, combined with femininity and determination, and sometimes even remain a mystery in people's eyes.

Red bag: for the passionate woman

Women who choose red live life to the fullest and are persistent in their endeavors. These women are both very determined and ambitious, as well as very emotional and passionate. This is the color of devotion and love. These women want to be noticed.

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